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Privacy Policy

Scholars Consortium, LLC values your privacy. "We", "Our" or "Us" and "Site" or "Website" refers to the website and policies of Scholars Consortium, LLC maintained by Scholars Consortium, LLC located at 2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd. Suite #116 Palm City, FL 34990.  Except for the purpose of completing a financial transaction through the merchant online store of this website, for collections, and/or for purpose of the exceptions listed below your information is never released.  We do not sell, rent, lease or exchange your Personal Information to any companies or individuals who are not associated with or affiliated with Scholars Consortium, LLC. 

The exceptions include

1) a demand to respond or comply to a legal requirement or law
    enforcement request;

2) our need to protect the safety and security of our users, employees, or
    property; and

3) to defend or prosecute a legal claim filed against or on behalf of Scholars
    Consortium, LLC.  Contact the privacy administrator with any questions at:

Online users posting to the comment and blog section of this website should be reminded that any Personal Information that is voluntarily posted by a user to a public area of this website (for example, leaving contact information or personally identifiable information in the Comments section), may be openly viewed and used by others. We cannot prevent private information from being posted in our publically viewed area or prevent unintended application or use of that information.